Saginaw Collaborative
Board Meeting
January 9, 2020
Present: Debbie, Roger, Dawn, Cathy, Vanessa, Joyce
Call to order by the President at 6:32pm.  There is not a quorum however upon Vanessa’s arrival the entire Executive Committee was in attendance.
Agenda was present
Minutes from last meeting will be reviewed for next meeting.
Discussion of completion of the CAN role and Pam’s deliverables.  We believe that the strategic plan was complete. The second grant we received was for fundraising and Pam had started this work.
Vanessa arrived at 6:37pm.
Forwarded emails from CAN to Dawn
Old Business
Grants – Dawn met with Huntington casually.  There is no formal reply at this time. Dawn is going to follow up with the bank. At this point we do not know if we have received monies.
Bill Aldridge - runs the Good Neighbors Mission and arrived at 6:42pm
New Business
Where do we want to go from here?
Joyce Seals arrived at 6:46pm
Bill suggested solar panels to help with heating.
Dawn again reviewed the information regarding her conversations with Huntington. It is our understanding that existing projects were funded more than new projects.  We will continue to wait to hear from Huntington.
Discussion regarding the roof job.
Discussion regarding the building being designated as a historical site. Research would need to be done regarding not just the building, but also the congregation over the years.  This should not be a priority at this time.  There is no benefit until we spend money on the building.
Dawn asked how the Collaborative feels regarding the relationship of the Collaborative to the building. Does our work have to be at Warren Ave.? While we had a discussion about other buildings, none of those we are aware of have the same items we want: the gym, the auditorium, etc.  
Until we have exhausted all possibilities, we do not want to give up on Warren Ave. It is much about the location – this is the area of greatest need. Services are not readily available in this area and we want to be able to provide them out of this area – through Warren Ave.
What are the next resources for the roof? Where do we go for the monies for the roof?
Dawn asked for permission to approach persons in the community as the situation allowed to discuss the Collaborative and what we need and want to do.
Cathy Macomber moved that Dawn have permission from the Board to present the Collaborative Mission and need as she is able, without first discussing with the board. Roger seconded the motion. Motion passed.
We believe Jim submitted a Block Grant. Dawn will follow up to see if that happened and if we are on the agenda for a presentation to ask them for the monies.
Mail comes to the church and it is put in the library. Stacy can get the mail. Roger will follow up with Stacy to see if there is currently mail in the church.
We wonder if we should have a PO Box. We decided we wanted to and we reserved that tonight.  Cathy will complete the reservation.
Dawn requested authorization to put together a marketing sheet and the board agreed.
Next meeting February 13 at 6:30pm.
Meeting adjourned at 7:34pm Support by Joyce. Motion passed.


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