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Saginaw Collaborative Board Meeting January 9, 2020 Present: Debbie, Roger, Dawn, Cathy, Vanessa, Joyce Call to order by the President at 6:32pm.   There is not a quorum however upon Vanessa’s arrival the entire Executive Committee was in attendance. Agenda was present Minutes from last meeting will be reviewed for next meeting. Discussion of completion of the CAN role and Pam’s deliverables.   We believe that the strategic plan was complete. The second grant we received was for fundraising and Pam had started this work. Vanessa arrived at 6:37pm. Forwarded emails from CAN to Dawn Old Business Grants – Dawn met with Huntington casually.   There is no formal reply at this time. Dawn is going to follow up with the bank. At this point we do not know if we have received monies. Bill Aldridge - runs the Good Neighbors Mission and arrived at 6:42pm New Business Where do we want to go from here? Joyce Seals arrived at 6:46pm Bill suggested solar panels to