Saginaw Collaborative
Board Meeting
December 9, 2019
Present Joyce, Vanessa, Debbie, Roger, Dawn, Cathy.
Charles is unable to attend tonight.
Call to order by Secretary at 6:32pm as we have a quorum
Meeting with the bank this week or next week. Jim did a good job with his presentation. Questions and answers with support to put in the proposal. A little over $400,000 to fix the roof, etc. Joyce indicated that the bank was very receptive.
Jim Williams arrived at 6:35pm.
Jim noted that there has been no word on any of the grants as of today – CDBG, Huntington Bank, Community Foundation.  The grant to Consumer’s was not submitted.  All of the paperwork is there and ready.
No agenda was put together. Our discussion will be regarding the future of the Collaborative.
Joyce is planning to give money ($2500) toward back rent this week on behalf of Good Neighbors. Check will be made out to the Saginaw Collaborative and will be provided for cashing by us on Thursday.
CAN has sent a $4300 check that has not yet been deposited.
We owe Saginaw Community Foundation $500 at the end of the year for facilitating our work when we did not have 501c3 status.
Dawn asked to hear from Jim regarding his resignation. Jim notes he has lost his passion and overwhelmed by personal issues. Jim is making sure all of the files are in order. Jim will call the IRS to check and see if there is paperwork needed.
Motion to express appreciation to Jim Williams for his service to the board and the Warren Ave. Presbyterian Church and bringing the Saginaw Collaborative to where it is today made by Cathy Macomber. Seconded by Vanessa Brooks-Herd.  Motion passed.
Joyce asked about the monies from Huntington. If approved, what will we do with the money.
Jim clarified that this money will “button up” the building but does nothing for the gym, the kitchen, the offices.  If we get both CDBG and Huntington that will make it usable for some of the tenants. If we only got one, Huntington, that would take care of the roof and would buy time for the other things.
Someone from the Board would need to do a 15-minute presentation to the Community Development Block Grant hearing.  We would include individuals from the tenants representing what they are using it for.  The presentation should be in January 2020, with the decision about the Block Grant in February 2020.
It is possible that some of the grant funds will be contingent on our receiving funds from other sources.
Joyce believes the Huntington Bank will decide this week.  If we receive this money, we will wait to hear about CDBG.
Roger asked about the leadership issue and how we should address that.
Discussion ensued. The remainder of the term for Chair is two years and any Chair elected would be elected to serve out the remainder of the term as per the bylaws.
Dawn indicated a willingness to move forward in the roll of Chair and Jim has committed to staying through a transition process. It is necessary for the remainder of the Board to provide additional service to ensure we are assisting the incoming Chair to ensure success. – Please change Joyce Seals email on the distribution list.
Motion made to nominate and elect Dawn Goodrow as the Chair to serve out the remainder of the term of service (two years). Seconded by Joyce Seals. Motion passed.
Jim will provide a rental document regarding tenants. Dawn and Jim will meet with Evelyn to confirm that she is staying or if she is holding on. Once the rental document is provided, the Program Board will meet with the tenants to discuss back rent and rent moving forward.
Cathy Macomber will reach out to board members who have not attended the last few board meetings to inquire about their continued commitment to serving on the Board.
Need to identify grant funding for remediation for asbestos and other items in the building.  All contingent on the Huntington grant funding.
Need to set a meeting schedule. We will set the second Thursday of January, February, and March 2020 at this time.
Jim asked to put on the record his thanks for Cathy Macomber and her support.
In te next month we will work on the Program Board meeting with the tenants. Jim and Dawn will meet. All will be updated on the process of the grants.
Adjourned 7:43pm


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