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Saginaw Collaborative Board Meeting December 9, 2019 Present Joyce, Vanessa, Debbie, Roger, Dawn, Cathy. Charles is unable to attend tonight. Call to order by Secretary at 6:32pm as we have a quorum Meeting with the bank this week or next week. Jim did a good job with his presentation. Questions and answers with support to put in the proposal. A little over $400,000 to fix the roof, etc. Joyce indicated that the bank was very receptive. Jim Williams arrived at 6:35pm. Jim noted that there has been no word on any of the grants as of today – CDBG, Huntington Bank, Community Foundation.   The grant to Consumer’s was not submitted.   All of the paperwork is there and ready. No agenda was put together. Our discussion will be regarding the future of the Collaborative. Joyce is planning to give money ($2500) toward back rent this week on behalf of Good Neighbors. Check will be made out to the Saginaw Collaborative and will be provided for cashing by us on Thursday. CAN