Saginaw Collaborative Meeting Minutes 9/19/2019

Saginaw Collaborative

Meeting called to order at 6:34pm by Jim Williams
Roger, Vanessa and Jim met with the Presbytery in Mid-August.
Set aside 100,000 to tear the building down. Anything that we would get would come out of that money and to get it we would have to promise them that we would not tear down the building.
Next meeting is in December.
Jim is recommending we sever our ties with the Presbytery. We focus on building the backbone organization, find places for our tenants, and spend the rest of the money on our bills (WTA and CAN) – Roger states there is $17,000 left.
WAP has funded this project, which was their intention.
No money has come from the Presbytery.
Comments regarding the recommendation noted above –
·         Agreement with recommendation
·         Last administrative commission meeting which was after the meeting noted above, the conversation was that things have proceeded more slowly all the way around, in terms of our progress. Lack of CF grant in June was a setback.  Their view was that if we receive the September grant, and if we have a new timeline for tasks to be completed and are able to stick to a timeline from there. Timeline would include:
o   Fundraising plan completed
o   Contact with donors
If we are able to do that, they might be able to provide $12 – 14,000 to us. That amount is not going to make the project, we have a bigger need than that.
·         Would likely be a monthly stiped for property management fee
The suggestion is that this isn’t the time to change course with the plan.  If we do change now, there will be more work for us and for the Presbytery in terms of finding homes for the existing organizations.  If we don’t have a building to center ourselves around, will we be attractive/useful/helpful as a backbone organization to start up groups that might need space.
·         How does walking away from the building let us be the best backbone organization we can be.  We complete the fundraising plan and start to work that plan. As grant opportunities come, we will get an idea if our plan is acceptable to grant funders.
·         Without a building, we cease to exist
o   The service we are trying to provide would be something we are looking for
·         If the Presbytery wants a timeline, perhaps we give them a more extended timeline that what we originally thought.
If we run out of money then we do not know how the church building will be paid for. We have committed the rest of the funds to pay the bills we owe to WTA and CAN.
Roof and to button up the building will be $200,000+
Discussion regarding grants researched and information found.  Application for SCF submitted in June.  Should hear some time this month if we got it. Many grants require matching funds that we do not currently have.
·         Lag time is a significant issue.  Many which we would not know until January or later
·         The issue is in the short term what do we do
Any additional communication with the Presbytery would not come before them until their next meeting in December.  Our proposal of them providing $50,000 as a property management fee was turned down.
What would the timeline be if are unable to pay the bills?
The Presbytery has said that if we are unsuccessful in our efforts to use the building, they would help find suitable locations for people in a reasonable amount of time.  They would not close the doors and would work on a time line of 6 months or more.
Two suggestions:
Plan A
Plan B (if the Presbytery will not agree to Plan A)
·         Notify the Presbytery that we can no longer sustain the building (operating costs)
o   Utilities
o   Building management
o   Insurance
·         Request that tenants (including us) be given 9 months’ notice
·         Work to find additional funding that works along with our Strategic Plan and fundraising goals
·         Work with Cal Talley to find alternative space to use as part of future grant applications

In looking for grant funding, we need to be able to show where we are going to working out of.
Tell the Presbytery that we cannot afford the utilities and they have to pay them. Ask them if we can have nine months to look for funding to come back. We will not meet here until we are able to find the funding.
Roger suggests that he work with Dan and Ted to attempt to negotiate something that is related to Plan A.
If we get the SCF funding, there is a feeling it should not be used to pay operating expenses on the building. The terms of the grant are to build the backbone organization and to find funds to renovate the building.
We do not have a bank account. We would get one if we get the SCF funding.
Can we invite Dan and Ted to a meeting to hear from us?  The last admin commission meeting was held here at WAP. They appreciated the work being done by the Super Summer Program and other programs out of this building.
Roger wants to find out more about what is in the Presbytery’s mind regarding timeline.  I should write out the proposal regarding Plan A, taking a leave of absence from responsibility for the building. He would like to have preliminary conversation with Dan and Ted to sound things out before meeting with the Administrative Commission. In the letter we will request that an Administrative Meeting be held here in conjunction with the Saginaw Collaborative board meeting.
I will provide this write up by Monday September 23. Roger will arrange to meet with Dan and Ted in the next two weeks.
Motion made by C. Macomber, seconded by E. McGovern
Other business – Draft budget has been provided (see secretary’s file)
Adjourn meeting – C. Macomber, J. Williams 7:53pm


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