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Saginaw Collaborative Meeting Minutes - November 7, 2019

Saginaw Collaborative, Inc. Minutes Attendance – Cathy Macomber, Jim Williams, Dawn Goodrow, Vanessa Brooks-Herd, Stacy, Roger Scovill, Debbie Missing – Charles, Joyce, Wardeen, Evelyn 1. Minutes – not available 2. Treasures Report – WTA will be paid tomorrow. Money is owed for the CAN grant. This will bring the balance down to approximately zero. Presbytery funds can be used for utilities and building expenses over and above the rents we are receiving. Conversations with tenants regarding rent now that we have a property agreement. Administrative Commission agreed with the idea that there should be a lease with option to buy related to the building so that grant funders know that we have that in place. Expecting language for this to be approved by November 15. We have drafts of rental agreements. Jim will get these to the tenants as well. Michelle from First Ward would like one of the after-school programs to be housed here. This would be another source of income

Saginaw Collaborative Meeting Minutes 9/19/2019

Saginaw Collaborative Meeting called to order at 6:34pm by Jim Williams Roger, Vanessa and Jim met with the Presbytery in Mid-August. Set aside 100,000 to tear the building down. Anything that we would get would come out of that money and to get it we would have to promise them that we would not tear down the building. Next meeting is in December. Jim is recommending we sever our ties with the Presbytery. We focus on building the backbone organization, find places for our tenants, and spend the rest of the money on our bills (WTA and CAN) – Roger states there is $17,000 left. WAP has funded this project, which was their intention. No money has come from the Presbytery. Comments regarding the recommendation noted above – ·          Agreement with recommendation ·          Last administrative commission meeting which was after the meeting noted above, the conversation was that things have proceeded more slowly all the way around, in terms of our progress. Lack of