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Saginaw Collaborative Minutes 6/24/19 Sign in – C. Macomber, R. Scovill, J. Williams, V. Brooks-Herd, D. Davis Guests – M. Jordan, P. Evans Given that there is no quorum there are no minutes.
Saginaw Collaborative Minutes 6/11/19 Sign in – M. Jordan, D. Davis, E. McGovern, P. Evans, T. Fairman, V. Brooks-Herd, J. Seals, J. Williams, R. Scovill, W. Talley, C. Macomber Meeting was called to order at 6:30pm Motion to nominate Wardeen Talley to membership of the board. Made by R. Scovill, seconded by D. Davis We did not get the Saginaw Community Foundation grant. ·       J. Williams spoke with the foundation. We are eligible for regular cycle SCF funds Architecture report – today at 5:15pm it came. Estimate of $4 million ·          Phase 1 - $400,000+ ·          Phase 2 – 2.? Million ·          Phase 3 ·          Going to a meeting with the architect on Thursday or Friday this week to discuss what has to be done and what can not be done. – Thursday at 10am at WTA office. We may have to ask “are we committed to the building or are we committed to the cause” J. Williams is now working for First Congregational in Saginaw as a