Saginaw Collaborative, Inc.
March 21, 2019
1. Call to Order
2. Approval of Minutes
3. Beth Sorenson Prince
4. Update on organizational progress
5. Focus Group Invitations
6. Review and approval of Licensing and Property Agreement
7. Community Initiative Grant Proposal - moved under update on organizational progress
Call to Order at 6:36pm
Roger is unavailable 
Present: Cathy Macomber, Joyce Seals, Stacy Balton, Vanessa Brooks Herd, Debbie Davis, Dawn Goodrow, Jim Williams, Evelyn McGovern
-          Guest: Beth Sorenson Prince, CAN
Approval of Minutes – No objections
Beth Sorenson Prince – Community Advancement Network – Secretary has a copy of the handout. Pam Evans (consultant)
Impact Capacity Assessment Tool – Strengths and Opportunities – Larger Community Impact
Information about the iCAT is available on line. Board Members will participate in the completion of the iCAT.
Some of this data will be used by our consultant in working with us.
Build up the people connected to the organization to help in building organizational capacity.
The iCAT is separate from Pam Evans assessment (focus group, etc.)
This is our pre-assessment.  There are a number of items where we will not know the answers and that is an important piece of information we need to capture.  Board members need to be clear that we are not looking to get an “A.”  We will do this pre-assessment and then do strategic planning and then do a post assessment (at 18 months).
Beth suggest all Board members take the iCAT. Need to give a 10 day window when we can complete this (? Doodle poll). Beth will need window dates and email addresses for all Board members. She will send an explanation (like she gave us tonight) to all of the members who were not here. She needs 1-2 day lead time to set up the assessment and send out information to all of the participants.
April 3 – 13 is the agreed on 10 day window.
Update on organizational progress – IRS (501c3 was approved). Presbytery has signed off on other funding and RS is the single signatory. Demolishing of this building would be more than $100,000 (plus utilities until that time). JW has been in touch with Community Foundation and they will help with submission 4/1. Property management agreement and license agreement are completed.
JW has put together goals/objectives for us to review and approve. Secretary has list of goals and objectives.  Narrative for the grant is also a hand out and JW will send out the narrative this weekend and requests that the Board review and give information back to JW by Tuesday March 26.  Vanessa will provide census data.
            Community Initiative Grant Proposal – projects need to be completed by June 2020. Draft Budget is complete and has program objectives. Completed and sent to JW.
Focus Group Invitations – The board discussed the list and a new list was emailed out during the meeting. We need to send out invitations by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.
Review and approval of Licensing and Property Agreement – Attorney has not reviewed property agreement yet (we are still waiting on this).
Adjournment at 8:03pm.


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