Minutes - February 28, 2019

Minutes - Saginaw Collaborative, Inc.
February 28, 2019

In Attendance: Cathy Macomber, Roger Scovill, Debbie Davis, Stacy Balton, Evilyn McGovern, Joyce Seals, Jim Williams, Vanessa Brooks-Herd, Dawn Goodrow

Call to order at 6:46pm

1. Minutes from Dec and Jan - no objections
2. WTA Contract - received, signed, and mailed back. No word on when they will start.
3. Budget - draft based on meeting with Presbytery. Secretary of the Board has a hard copy of the Draft Budget. A letter came from the Treasury Department (2/28) wanting more information - information being asked for is already in the amendment documents provided to the Treasury (JW will contact Treasury).
Warren Avenue Presbyterian Church has funds for the project through March, 2019.  Saginaw Collaborative will be the property manager. The Presbytery intends that we will get the money that was left to the church. A letter came from CAN for grant funds that appears to be 50% rather than 60% (Jim Williams will be contacting them about this). There are potential negative consequences if we are unable to fundraise for maintenance of the building. Can get through this year and 1-2 months of 2020 with current estimates of income and expense. This should give us time to implement the fundraising plan CAN will provide. We need to sell this building as part of the Neighborhood stabilization - St. Mary (Ascension) has stopped their neighborhood stabilization. Need to determine if they will start again and if SC should be a part of the sabilization.
- Moved to adopt draft budget as current budget with knowledge that the budget will be updated. (RS, VBH) - all in favor - approved.
Half of planned boiler work has been paid. Presbytery is aware of the budget needs.
JW and JS will meet with Huntington Bank in the next week.
4. Employment Contract - Document available from Secretary of the Board. Retroactive to 1st of January.
- Moved to adopt Employment Contract and Job Descriptions for employees retroactive to 1/1/19 (JS, RS) - all in favor - approved.
5. Property Management Agreement - Document available from Secretary of the Board. Currently being reviewed by Presbytery. There are a few changes (signature, etc.). Presbytery wants to hire SC as property managers until we can take the building over.  We are waiting for final agreement from attorney from Presbytery. The current draft is FYI only.
6. License Agreement Meeting with Users - This will occur to determine amounts of rental funds moving forward.  Agreement is based on First Ward Agreement and will be presented to the Users at a meeting.  Program Committee will review agreement. We will attempt to have board members present at the meeting with Users.
7. Saginaw Community Foundation Grant - Next Round. Community Incentive Program - Who is willing to help JW put together grant proposal - email him your willingness to help.
8. Fund Raising - Postpone discussion until after meeting with Pam (our CAN consultant)
9. Focus Groups - an extended conversation brainstorming participants occurred during the meeting.  A discussion was held regarding the target for the focus groups being offered by Pam with CAN.  It was decided that these focus groups would be targeted toward community leaders and change makers in the community. Later we will conduct focus groups with constituent populations in our community. 
Discussion of the March 14 date for focus groups occurred.  It was decided that we would suggest that the focus groups be moved to April 11 instead.  JW will contact Pam.
It was requested that all board members review names brainstormed, provide contact information, and also indicate who they were willing to contact personally.  CM agreed to send out a complete list by March 15 to all board members. 
Next Meeting will be March 21, 2019 at 6:30pm.


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