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Saginaw Collaborative January 17, 2019 Call to order: 6:34pm Present: Cathy Macomber, Dawn Goodrow, Wardene Talley, Debbie Davis, Roger Scovill, Evelyn McGovern, Stacy Dalton, Jim Williams, Charles Coleman, Vanessa Brooks-Herd NOTE: The Saginaw Collaborative, Inc is referred to here as “Collaborative” Minutes I need to resend the link to the minutes to everyone. I need to include all of the board members.   This fulfills our obligation as a 501c3 to have open access to minutes and information. We need to read them before we approve minutes.   This will be tabled until the next meeting.   Not all attendees had access to the minutes. Budget Pastor Jim and Roger have been working on a draft budget. One was passed out. Please see the hard copy for notes on the proposed budget.   There was a question regarding the showing of a surplus. Some of this income is dependent on our becoming a 501c3. Because of the government shut down, it is likely that we will not receive th