The Saginaw Collaborative Board met on December 13, 2018

Meeting Agenda
1. Minutes of October meeting
2. Election of New Directors
3. Budget
4. Consideration of Staff Hiring
5. Lease Agreement
6. Review of Architect's Proposal
7. Committee Structure
8. Strategic and Fund Raising Plan

Meeting was called to order at 6:37pm - in attendance: Rev. Jim Williams (RJW), Catherine Macomber (CAM), Evelyn McGovern (EM), Joyce Seals (JS), Roger Scovill (RS), Debbie Davis, Charles Coleman (CC), Dawn Goodrow (DG)

1. Minutes were not completed by CAM. Minutes will be sent to all board members for approval.

2. The Board was asked to consider Dawn Goodrow and Charles Coleman for election to the board - moved by JS, seconded by RS, no objection - all support

3. The budget will be discussed later in the meeting.

4. RJW presented a proposal to the Presbytery of Lake Huron on October 30, 2018 regarding support for staffing moving forward (Secretary has a copy of the document). The Presbytery responded:
- they want the Collaborative to hire Jim & Stacey and the Presbytery work with the Board.  In addition, the Presbytery intends to take this issue up during its January meeting. RS will be in attendance.
- the Presbytery does not want to be left with a half-finished project
-there is some money left from Warren Avenue after the money used for the architectural study.  We will know how much after the next Presbytery meeting in January.

IRS has cashed our check for 501c3 status but has not processed the 501c3 application.
- CAN will not allow us to submit the proposal without 501c3 status
- Is it possible to
   - contact Kildee's office to see if they would apply pressure
   - talk to a current 501c3 program that would serve as a feduciary
   - RJW will follow up on these items, he will call the IRS to ask where we are in the process and will also call Kildee's office.
       - RJW is leaving on Monday 12/17/18 and will not return until the first of the year.

The Board asked if there are other staff positions required - It was suggested that the Treasure will need to write checks and do basic bookkeeping - It was also suggested that there is someone, Melissa, who might be able to fulfill these duties.

3. The budget document is available from the Secretary
- The items from the architectural study are included in the budget
- Stacey is looking at previous contractors for the church to see if any of the blueprints, etc are available. - if we have previous drawings, we could save money on the architectural study (approx. $3500)
- Spence Brothers has done all major construction and renovation - RS will follow up
- There is a $92,300 shortfall - this does not include any contributions by agencies who will use the building - Charles suggests open basketball in the summer for youth - there was discussion about the Police Athletic League
- There are currently five programs in the building (Women of Colors, Good Neighbor, Power of Dad, Pride Academy, Super Summer Program) there was discussion about other potential organizations - Ezekiel's Table.
- The Board discussed using the Saginaw Collaborative as a hub for people who are already working together.

7. We are in need of a number of committees: finance, fundraising, programming.  A sign up sheet was sent around to the board. The Secretary has a copy.
Finance: RS, CC
Fundraising: JS, DG
Programming: CAM, DG, DD (EM signed up but it may be important that she not serve here as she is one of the programs already occupying the building. RJW will discuss this with her).

Meetings were scheduled for committees to meet.

It was discussed that Mt. Pleasant is doing something similar to our Collaborative. We may want to consider Block grants after the architectural report is in. The next Block grant cycle is Sep or Oct 2019.

5. Lease agreement was discussed

Dan (with the Presbytery) needs to sit with RJW and will do this after RJW returns

There is still a Session motion for a lease agreement that will be used for now - $1/month

This item will be addressed by the finance committee for now

6. We are still waiting for someone to come and look at the building

A motion was made to move forward with the WTA architectural proposal - moved by CC, supported by JS. Discussion was opened
 - RS - WTA had an interesting proposal and others did not reply to our open call for proposals.
 - vote was called - all in favor, none opposed
 - RS volunteered to be the person to walk through the building with WTA

8. The fundraising committee will work on this issue

Subcommittees will meet prior to the next meeting.

All minutes will be completed by 12/21/18 and sent to board members.

Next meeting is 1/17/19 at 6:30pm

No items for the Good of the Order

Move to adjourn at 7:48pm by CAM, seconded by CC - all approved


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