On October 9, 2018 the group met and made a number of decisions:

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Agenda
1. Call to Order
2. Seating of Rev. Williams as temporary chair
3. By-laws
4. Appointment of Directors
5. Ex-Officio Directors
6. Election of Officers
7. Approval of minutes
8. Amendment to Articles of Incorporation
9. Designation of President to file 501c3 documents
10. Permission to file grant applications
11. Good of the Order
12. Adjournment

The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm.

The agenda was moved to agree to the appointment of directors prior to the other items.  The following organizers of the original group were unanimously voted to the board of the Saginaw Collaborative, Inc:

Cathy Macomber (CAM)- moved
Vanessa Brooks-Herd (VBH)
Evelyn McGovern (EM)
Roger Scovill (RS) - seconded
Joyce Seals (JS)
Debbie Davis
Rev. Jim Williams (RJW)

All original organizers of the group will serve on the board.

3. Review of by-laws:

Change board terms to stagger terms - 1, 2, & 3 years. Thereafter there would be three years
Meetings will be conducted using Robert's Rules - Newly Revised
The Executive Director is part of the Executive Committee
Term of the Board was changed to unlimited
Positions of Chair and President
Ex-officio has a voice on the board.

5. The following individuals will serve in ex-officio capacity for the Board:

Dan Sauperstein as a representative of the Presbytery
Chris and Aaron as consultants
Wardeen ___________

6. The following individuals were voted to leadership positions on the Board:

Rev. Jim Williams - President and Chair (moved by VBH, seconded by EM)
Vanessa Brooks Herd - Vice President and Vice Chair (moved by CAM, seconded by JS)
Catherine Macomber - Secretary (moved by EM, seconded by JS)
Roger Scovill - Treasurer (moved by JS, seconded by CAM)

All in favor of the leadership of the board.

7. Approval of June 27, 2018 minutes as submitted by Rev. Jim Williams and as revised by consensus:
- Organizers were: CAM, VBH, EM, JW, and Charles Coleman
- Jim Williams will serve as designated signer for documents

Moved by CAM, seconded by JS (on June 27, 2018).

8. Amend the articles of incorporation to include dissolution - under assets. Read by Pastor Jim - moved by EM, seconded by JS - all in favor.

9. Designate Rev. Jim Williams to file 501c3 - moved by JS, seconded by CAM - all in favor

10. Grant application will be submitted to CAN

Email grant applications to board for notification with a comment period based on the grant filing deadline.
A motion was made to allow the President, Vice President, and Secretary or any combination of the two of the three can approve grants - moved to approve by EM, seconded by JS - all approved

11. Current building occupants include:
- Women of Colors
- Summer Program - goal to expand to a four day per week after school program
- Power of Dad
- Good Neighbors Mission
- Pride Academy

There is an agreement that these and future occupants will be a collaboration and will share supplies and make an effort to reduce duplication of services

Stacey (custodian of the building) is going to serve as scheduler of space

(side note from CAM - may see connections between FAST & the building occupants)

A question was asked if there is room for more groups in the building - yes

A question was asked if current/new organizations are also applying for their own grants - yes

A question was asked if there is a set fee for space in the building - not yet

The strategic plan (part of the grant being submitted to CAN) will answer some of these questions:
- there will also be a fund development plan
- we will need to include an assessment of space and cost
- the architectural study would also take into consideration the need for space by current occupants and future needs

If anyone wants tours of the building please contact Stacy (contact blog organizer for his number)

Women of Colors - needs 500 coats for their Warm a Child for Winter program - gently used or new - needed by 11/17/2018

12. Adjourn at 8:15pm - moved by RS, seconded by JS - all approve


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