Saginaw Collaborative
Minutes 6/24/19
Sign in – C. Macomber, R. Scovill, J. Williams, V. Brooks-Herd, D. Davis
Guests – M. Jordan, P. Evans
Given that there is no quorum there are no minutes.
Saginaw Collaborative
Minutes 6/11/19
Sign in – M. Jordan, D. Davis, E. McGovern, P. Evans, T. Fairman, V. Brooks-Herd, J. Seals, J. Williams, R. Scovill, W. Talley, C. Macomber
Meeting was called to order at 6:30pm
Motion to nominate Wardeen Talley to membership of the board. Made by R. Scovill, seconded by D. Davis
We did not get the Saginaw Community Foundation grant. ·J. Williams spoke with the foundation. We are eligible for regular cycle SCF funds
Architecture report – today at 5:15pm it came. Estimate of $4 million ·Phase 1 - $400,000+·Phase 2 – 2.? Million·Phase 3·Going to a meeting with the architect on Thursday or Friday this week to discuss what has to be done and what can not be done. – Thursday at 10am at WTA office.
We may have to ask “are we committed to the building or are we committed to the cause”
J. Williams is now working for First Congregational in Saginaw as a part time pastor
Other items – Introduction to visitors M. Jordan and T. Fairman (MSW students from SVSU…
Saginaw Collaborative, Inc. is excited to present our new organizational logo.  The logo was designed by HouseDesign Co., an Etsy organization.  Their website is  Please consider using them in the future. They presented three great options and the Board was happy to choose this one as our logo:

Saginaw Collaborative, Inc. March 21, 2019 Minutes 1. Call to Order 2. Approval of Minutes 3. Beth Sorenson Prince 4. Update on organizational progress 5. Focus Group Invitations 6. Review and approval of Licensing and Property Agreement 7. Community Initiative Grant Proposal - moved under update on organizational progress Call to Order at 6:36pm Roger is unavailable  Present: Cathy Macomber, Joyce Seals, Stacy Balton, Vanessa Brooks Herd, Debbie Davis, Dawn Goodrow, Jim Williams, Evelyn McGovern -Guest: Beth Sorenson Prince, CAN Approval of Minutes – No objections Beth Sorenson Prince – Community Advancement Network – Secretary has a copy of the handout. Pam Evans (consultant) Impact Capacity Assessment Tool – Strengths and Opportunities – Larger Community Impact Information about the iCAT is available on line. Board Members will participate in the completion of the iCAT. Some of this data will be used by our consultant in working with us. Build up the people connected to the organizati…

Minutes - February 28, 2019

Minutes - Saginaw Collaborative, Inc.
February 28, 2019

In Attendance: Cathy Macomber, Roger Scovill, Debbie Davis, Stacy Balton, Evilyn McGovern, Joyce Seals, Jim Williams, Vanessa Brooks-Herd, Dawn Goodrow

Call to order at 6:46pm

1. Minutes from Dec and Jan - no objections
2. WTA Contract - received, signed, and mailed back. No word on when they will start.
3. Budget - draft based on meeting with Presbytery. Secretary of the Board has a hard copy of the Draft Budget. A letter came from the Treasury Department (2/28) wanting more information - information being asked for is already in the amendment documents provided to the Treasury (JW will contact Treasury).
Warren Avenue Presbyterian Church has funds for the project through March, 2019.  Saginaw Collaborative will be the property manager. The Presbytery intends that we will get the money that was left to the church. A letter came from CAN for grant funds that appears to be 50% rather than 60% (Jim Williams will be contacting them …
Saginaw Collaborative January 17, 2019 Call to order: 6:34pm Present: Cathy Macomber, Dawn Goodrow, Wardene Talley, Debbie Davis, Roger Scovill, Evelyn McGovern, Stacy Dalton, Jim Williams, Charles Coleman, Vanessa Brooks-Herd NOTE: The Saginaw Collaborative, Inc is referred to here as “Collaborative” Minutes I need to resend the link to the minutes to everyone. I need to include all of the board members.This fulfills our obligation as a 501c3 to have open access to minutes and information. We need to read them before we approve minutes. This will be tabled until the next meeting.Not all attendees had access to the minutes. Budget Pastor Jim and Roger have been working on a draft budget. One was passed out. Please see the hard copy for notes on the proposed budget.There was a question regarding the showing of a surplus. Some of this income is dependent on our becoming a 501c3. Because of the government shut down, it is likely that we will not receive this designation for possibly up to…
The Saginaw Collaborative Board met on December 13, 2018

Meeting Agenda
1. Minutes of October meeting
2. Election of New Directors
3. Budget
4. Consideration of Staff Hiring
5. Lease Agreement
6. Review of Architect's Proposal
7. Committee Structure
8. Strategic and Fund Raising Plan

Meeting was called to order at 6:37pm - in attendance: Rev. Jim Williams (RJW), Catherine Macomber (CAM), Evelyn McGovern (EM), Joyce Seals (JS), Roger Scovill (RS), Debbie Davis, Charles Coleman (CC), Dawn Goodrow (DG)

1. Minutes were not completed by CAM. Minutes will be sent to all board members for approval.

2. The Board was asked to consider Dawn Goodrow and Charles Coleman for election to the board - moved by JS, seconded by RS, no objection - all support

3. The budget will be discussed later in the meeting.

4. RJW presented a proposal to the Presbytery of Lake Huron on October 30, 2018 regarding support for staffing moving forward (Secretary has a copy of the document). The Presbytery responded…